Mar 292014

qubes-torvm-archI’ve been using QubesOS (a xen/fedora distribution focused heavily on security by isolation) for a couple weeks now, and I’ve been really enjoying it. There are plenty of rough egdes when it comes to user-friendliess (granted, I’m on a beta release), but I’ve been able to get some pretty cool stuff working. Probably the coolest is having an independent VM which acts as a proxy and transparently makes all my (TCP) traffic go through the TOR network. Continue reading »

Mar 012014

The next virtualization strategy I’m testing out is KVM. I’m using Proxmox as the management layer (similar to how I used XenServer on top of Xen), and this provides a nice API, command-line interface, and web-based GUI. Proxmox also makes it easy to do common tasks like pool servers and live migrations. To start, the first task is to automate getting a VM running. Continue reading »