I use vim daily for my routine development work, and I get along fine with it. When I first got into it, I scrambled up the steep learning curve until I got to a plateau where I could be productive, and haven’t given it much thought since then. I can do all the basic stuff (and a few cool tricks), but other than that my editor is pretty low on the list of things I want to devote thought to.

My position changed, however, when a coworker recently decided to jump on the vim bandwagon. His daily excitement over some newly discovered command or plugin was just what I needed to reignite my interest, and I’ve started to climb the slopes again.

I’ll share what I discover here. Most of it will probably fall in what I’d consider the intermediate level, but undoubtedly there will be some more basic stuff that I’d never come across (or taken the time to delve into). Part of my problem is that when I was originally learning vim I didn’t rely on the help system (which is extensive), but instead played around with things until I was comfortable with them — so I’ll be focusing on :help a lot more this time around, to fill in the gaps. Hopefully my progress will be of some help to other vimers that have been skating by for too long.

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Patrick Schless

I'm a (mostly) ruby/rails developer, living in Chicago. I work at Braintree, and I have lots of side-projects.

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