Coffeescript, VowsJS, & Asynchronous Testing

Before releasing my coffeescript RRD library, I needed to write some tests around it (RDT: Release-Driven Testing). I went with Vows (in coffeescript), and I had no problems writing tests around the few synchronous (gasp) functions, but the asynchronous parts just didn’t work. At first, I punted on it, and switched my vows from coffeescript to javascript (which all the docs/examples are in). Later, when I came back to it, I was able to figure out the problem, and a dirty hack to get around it. Continue reading Coffeescript, VowsJS, & Asynchronous Testing

Fighting Back After Hacker News Took Down My Site

Last week I had a post make it to the Hacker News front page, and my site immediately went down. After fighting with it for a while, I was able to get it limping along well enough to last the day, and since then I’ve made several simple changes that serve as a much more robust solution. I imagine there are a ton of self-hosters out there with similar setups as I had, so hopefully the details of my comeuppance will help others preventatively. Continue reading Fighting Back After Hacker News Took Down My Site