Drop-Dead Simple Authentication for Microapps

For Inspectinator (a sinatra microapp), I needed a database-less authentication solution that was as lightweight as possible, but with a reasonable amount of security and maintainability. I came up with something that suits this purpose well, and I’m sharing it in case anyone is looking for something similar. I call it EasyAuth. Continue reading Drop-Dead Simple Authentication for Microapps

Announcing Inspectinator

I’ve been wanting to experiment with sinatra for a while, so I popped something off my things-to-do-someday list and put together Inspectinator.  It’s aim is pretty straight-forward: parse standard ruby #inspect strings into a more palatable form.  It parses a string into a system of nested objects, and displays it as a tree.  Some simple jQuery let’s you drill down to the level of detail you want. Continue reading Announcing Inspectinator