Architectural Primitives: Inter-Datacenter Tunnels


At TempoDB, we maintain multiple environments (production, staging, etc), and each environment is in a datacenter (Dallas, Seattle, etc). For the most part, we want strict separation between environments, but we have a growing list of traffic that ought to be allowed to flow between them (see below). We designed a new architectural primitive which allows us to securely permit some traffic, while still blocking everything else. Continue reading Architectural Primitives: Inter-Datacenter Tunnels

Bulk Loading Time-Series Data @ TempoDB

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In addition to our REST API and language-specific client libraries, we now offer the ability to bulk import data by uploading CSVs. The intent of this feature is to support the initial load of large amounts of historical data (many millions or billions of data points). By sending us CSVs (instead of just using our API normally), customers save themselves from having to build and monitor a large one-time job, and the problem is simplified to CSV generation. Continue reading Bulk Loading Time-Series Data @ TempoDB